What no one tells you that you need in the nursery: dog treats.                                         

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If you read my first post, then you already know I’m at it again with my thumb doing all the work. This is going to be a long one, so bear with me.

Once again while rocking my sweet babe to sleep in the nursery, it dawned on me: there are some major necessities that my baby’s nursery is lacking. Sure, he has a nursery decked out in the latest nursery trends; a sheepskin fur rug, a Moroccan leather pouf, even one of those cute felt animal heads that are all the rage. But what about stuff for mom? Yes, that’s right, no one told me all the items I should have been filling the nursery with too! 

Mamas, you just wait. When your hubby goes back to work, and the grandmothers go back to their respective lives, and your home allllll alone with just you and your babe, you will discover what I mean in this post.

 When I mean by stuff for me, are things that I didn’t know I needed until you are glued to a rocker with a sleeping baby in your arms. These would be defined as life or death essentials. Well, death is a little dramatic, but in some instances, not really. I’m talking about an all encompassing station that needs to be set up right in arms reach of your rocking chair. It needs to have the following items in order for maximum benefits. For you, not the baby that is. This station at the minimum needs: a supply of water bottles, your favorite nutritious snacks if you are breastfeeding, a charging station for your phone/iPad, books, magazines, lip balm, tissues, and a stash of pacis (because when that paci falls out of baby’s mouth and hits the floor, that soldier is down!). 

Here is where my addition to this so called mama station gets ridiculous , but I know one of you out there feels me on this. Dog treats. Why? Because, if you are like me and have two loveable but yappy dogs and just when that baby has fallen asleep in your arms and those dogs start barking at the bird chirping down the street, you wish you had a treat to throw their way to instantly quiet them. Also, you may want to add remote controlled doors to your house and that controller in the nursery. Because how great would it be to be able to let those dogs outside to relieve their barking without getting up and disturbing your sleeping babe? That’s it, gotta go for now. Said dogs barked and baby’s arms flew up faster than you can get one “shhh”out. 


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