When I eat my breakfast in the bathroom..

Greek yogurt anyone?
Most of us eat breakfast on the go; usually on the way to work each morning. Well, not my husband anyway. He’s anti eating while driving as he always tells me how unsafe it is to eat while driving. Blah, blah, whatever. 

I’ve mastered eating my Greek yogurt parfait every morning while on the way to work. There are even dried blobs of yogurt localized on one area of my center console. Remind me to get my car detailed one of these days. Don’t judge me. I’m sure some of you have worse things than dried yogurt in your car. This is a no judgement blog if I didn’t mention that already. 

 I’m not a slob or dirty person, and my car is generally kept tidy. Except the one spot on my console where I usually rest my red solo cup that contains my yogurt. Back to breakfast in the bathroom as I am sure some of your minds are already wandering. 

When you have a new baby, or really any age I suppose, however I’m not there yet, you get used to eating whenever you can regardless of time or location. Some mornings when we have appointments to go to or errands to run, breakfast so happens to take place in the bathroom. Now I’m not talking about bacon, eggs, pancakes and the whole shabang. Just maybe a banana or yogurt cup (I eat a lot of yogurt obviously) or a quick granola bar. 

Eating in the bathroom however, is just something a mama has to do. Doing so, allows me to make sure I get some calories in my body since I’m breastfeeding, but it also allows my little babe to nap upstairs in his porta crib so I can keep an eye on him. It also allows me to actually shower, dry my hair (which always puts him to sleep) and maybe put on some eye brightener and mascara so I don’t look like a character off The Walking Dead. And no, I do not leave my banana peel or yogurt cup in the bathroom trash. I wouldn’t recommend that unless you want your bathroom smelling like the kitchen trash. 

Happy Saturday and I hope some of you get to eat your breakfast at the kitchen table. 


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