I’m apologizing now because I’m going to be late. 

Except for work that is, because I’m up at 5 a.m. 

I’m 9 weeks in to motherhood and have had countless doctors appointments, a few social events and one glorious salon appointment. None of which I’ve managed to be early too, let alone on time. I just can’t get my ish together. So, I’m going to blame it on the baby.

Really, it is though in part of having a new baby and all the obstacles that come along with trying to leave the house. I just wonder is my lateness going to last forever? Maybe once my wee one is in grade school? Mom’s of olders, help me out here! 

The problem is the guilt that I have when I’m rolling in 10-15 minutes late, with or without baby in tow, constantly apologizing. I do hate making people wait, because everyone’s time is precious. However, I can’t help when my babe decides to have a blowout right when we are walking out the door and it mandates an outfit change. It’s not that I don’t intend or plan to be late, as I give myself usually hours to get ready if I have an appointment. But as you mamas know, life is unpredictable with little ones. 

Even trying to make it to a commitment without the baby is difficult to be on time. These days if he isn’t in tow, then Grandma is taking over and I can’t even think about walking out of the door if he isn’t all but smiling. And at that point, my husband is usually dragging me out the door because I absolutely dread leaving my little sweet babe. I suppose that honeymoon stage will wear off, but these days I don’t even want to be away from him for an hour!

So until I’ve managed to figure out how to be on time to most of life’s events, cheers to a lazy Saturday! 

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone gets to enjoy being lazy with their littles this weekend! 


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