Weekends are for cookie makin’ 

Happy Sunday! 

In between the babe napping, I finally got a chance to get back into the kitchen and try out a new recipe. I’ve had my eye on a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I found off of my favorite recipe sites: http://allrecipes.com/

I like this site and use it frequently because it’s normal peeps posting their recipes, not celebrity chefs or the like. Although I’m pretty well skilled in the kitchen, there is something far less daunting about trying recipes by real people with real reviews. 

This Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is nothing short of pure goodness. Some double chocolate cookie recipes I’ve tried before come out hard or dry, but these babies were soft and cakelike. If yours don’t come out like this, then I hate to tell you but you’ve done it all wrong.  

For the recipe and directions, click on the link: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

As I’ve made cookies that probably number into the thousands, I have some tried and true tips for you cookie rookies out there. 

Tip 1: Using high quality ingredients like a good unsalted sweet cream butter or real vanilla extract makes all the difference.

Tip #2: Baking cookies efficiency is all about having the right tools. Of course I don’t expect everyone to have a stand mixer but if you bake frequently then the investment is worth it. Plus those mixers are great for making some killer mashed potatoes. However, the best gadget for cookie making is this little scoop pictured below. It makes the perfect size cookies and they are always nice and thick in the middle. I don’t know the brand or where to buy it, all I know is my Aunt gave it to me over a decade ago and it’s still in mint condition. 

Tip #3: Always use parchment paper. I use it for everything, not just cookies and if you can find the kind that has the sheets already precut then you are on top of it! It not only keeps your cookies from sticking to the cookie sheet but it eliminates having to use any more butter or shorting than you’ve already used. The best part about parchment paper is you don’t have to wash your cookie sheets!!🙌🙌

That’s all I’ve got for now. Oh, and here is the finished product. I tried to make it all professional looking. 😜


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