Why it’s OK not to be Supermom

We as women put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the all encompassing perfect Mama. “Supermom” is the term coined by society and there are a boatload of expectations that come with that term. 

I’ve decided it’s OK to not be Supermom. Why? Because prior to having a baby, I thought I was going to be that person. I thought I would be able to keep my house clean and tidy, continue cooking every night, have breakfast ready in the mornings,  keep up with the laundry, still work full time (I’ll be adding that back to the mix soon), be an attentive wife and the list goes on. Well, that baby has been here for almost three months and I can’t maintain any of those expectations I had for myself. But I don’t care. 

I don’t care because I know all of those things will be able to be routine again one day. In the meantime, I would rather snuggle my newborn in bed while my husband is getting ready for work, instead of downstairs getting breakfast or lunches ready. I’ll let the laundry pile up because when my baby is napping, I need a bit of sleep to make up from the 2, 4, and 5:30 am feedings. My house will stay mostly in an unkempt state because when I do get a chance to finally dust, vacuum or just manage to get the downstairs picked up, it’s because I have a 30-40 minute window while the baby is napping. Which sometimes I need to eat instead!

So in that sense, I am in no means the “Supermom” I thought I would be or the kind that society pressures most mamas out there to be. And then shame us when we aren’t. I’m a different kind of Supermom in my book. I don’t spend all afternoon or early evening cooking dinner because I’ve been nursing, playing, teaching and napping with my baby. I’ve been his Supermom. 

Giving him endless love, kisses, snuggles, play time, nursing, changing diapers, or just being next to him when we nap together is how I am a Supermom. Or when he’s napping like now, I’m not up doing chores around the house or making a grocery list. Instead, I’m writing this blog at this very moment because in all the hours I spend doing the above, you can’t forget about yourself. If the only thing I can do for myself each day is take a few minutes to write out my thoughts and feelings, then that gives me the mental clarity for the day to put all of my love and attention into my baby. 

With that, I’ve realized the value in trying to take a few minutes each day to do something for myself. As the many roles we as women have to play out every day, especially mamas, we have to make sure we aren’t forgetting ourselves. 

So Mamas, whatever you do for yourself, it doesn’t have to take hours or an afternoon or time away from your babes. Even if it’s  just for a few minutes, try and do it. The chores can wait because having a few restorative minutes each day, will help you feel like you are the Supermom that everyone else already knows you are. 

Happy Monday and thank you for reading! 


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