The Best Banana Bread on the Block

I have been baking Banana Bread since I was a little girl and have tried numerous recipes over the course of my life. The recipe that I religiously used until the last year, is the recipe that I grew up baking in the kitchen as a little girl with my mom. It is written in this little mitten shaped spiral recipe book that I must have written in elementary school. I never ventured out, always made that same recipe  time, and time again. It wasn’t until I was pregnant this past year, that I had monthly cravings of banana bread and my tried and true recipe, just wasn’t enough!

So I knew there surely had to be a better recipe out there than the banana bread recipe I knew so well from my childhood. I tried many variations; some too sugary, some to salty, others not enough banana or simply just too dry. Until this recipe that I now believe to be the Holy Grail of banana bread recipes. 

It is from one of my usual go to websites Bon Appetit and ever since I tried this recipe the first time while I was pregnant, I haven’t gone back. It is the perfect mix of banana flavor, sweetness, a perfect density and not so moist to where it sticks to every finger.

Of course, I make adjustments here and there depending on what ingredients I have. I doubled the recipe this time, as last time the loaf was gone in a few days and I wish I had a second one. Today, I didn’t have enough butter so I substituted applesauce instead and last time I used sour cream but today I used Greek yogurt. I always add in the walnuts but never the chocolate chips as for some reason, a traditional banana bread just doesn’t include chocolate chips to me. I also always use light brown sugar as well, as I just never have dark brown on hand.  However, any adjustment within reason you make, I am sure will still result in the best banana bread you have ever eaten.

For the recipe, click here: BA’s Best Banana Bread


Throw overripe bananas in the freezer so you always have on hand that are perfect for bread!

Line the loaf pan with parchment paper to keep edges from getting overdone and easy removal from pan


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